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Season 2, Episode 7    |  1hr, 20 min

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In this Episode of the Superpowers Podcast, Bill and Chris talk with Matt Lombardi, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Beam, a CBD wellness startup.

Matt went from winning two NCAA Division I Hockey championships at Boston College, to a brief professional career in the NHL’s minor leagues, to becoming a passionate entrepreneur.

Matt shared his experiences playing hockey at BC and how discipline and practice played a massive role in his personal growth. The lessons he learned from his athletic career have helped shape everything that came after.

“Sports are the ultimate life metaphor. You learn how to be a part of a team, work towards goals, and leadership.” After suffering a severe concussion while playing for a Pittsburgh Penguins minor league affiliate, Matt left hockey, but took his personal drive and enthusiasm with him to launch a career in business.

In 2014, he co-founded DRIVN, a virtual coaching platform that became an essential tool for college hockey teams. However, Matt’s involvement with the venture ended when he had a falling-out with his partner and co-founder.

“I was still learning how to be a communicator,” He told Bill and Chris. In 2016 Matt co-founded Grander, another platform for athletes and coaches.

Two years later, Matt partnered with his friend and fellow former BC athlete, Kevin Moran, to start beam. Matt shared his experience as an athlete struggling to find natural pain relief treatments. “We saw an opportunity to reimagine the CBD space by creating a more wellness-focused brand.” Beam’s uniquely transparent and holistic approach to CBD helped Matt and Kevin raise $5 million this past fall.