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Alex Cruz Interview on Superpowers Podcast with Chris Cunningham

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Alex Cruz, International DJ, has produced music for almost 30 years. At the age of 18, Alex left his hometown of Amsterdam for life at the beach. He realized he had a passion for music and started making his own. He partnered with a childhood friend who bought a mixing console, and they started djing for friends. He was 22 when he released his first track on LP vinyl. After 7 years, the childhood friend’s paths separated, and Alex found himself on his own, free to find his signature sound.

Alex shares some of his most challenging obstacles to becoming a superstar DJ. Without formal music training, he had to learn everything on his own. He also struggled to make djing his full-time job by finding consistent work.

After years of hard work and so many sacrifices and hours spent trying to grow his audience, Alex started a SoundCloud profile, and within 5 days, he went from 50-5,000 plays per day. One and half years later, he quit the hustle and focused on his own vision. He now gets millions of listens a day.

He shares his creative process and his drive behind the unique music he makes.

“My purpose in life is to touch people through music. I love playing longer sets where I can create a journey and touch people throughout that journey. I want to feel people; I want to see their eyes, their body language, to see what is going on with them. Connecting people emotionally to music.”

Alex now lives in Mexico and travels worldwide, bringing joy and happiness to thousands of people through his unique approach to creating music.

To hear Alex’s music, visit his website and connect with I’m on Instagram.


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Biography Alex Cruz

Both inviting and inspiring, the universally Deep & Sexy music of Dutch DJ Alex Cruz, doesn’t

merely grab people’s attention – it touches their hearts.

In August 2013, after having successfully played across multiple genres throughout Europe, Alex was eager to define his own authentic sound and set out to do so through the creation of regularly released Soundcloud podcasts aptly titled “Deep & Sexy”. By selecting only music that touches his heart from a vast and varied musical database, Alex’s fresh and timeless signature style expertly weaves acoustic, percussive, and vocal elements into his electronic tapestry, painting a warm, soul-stirring, and reflective image that simultaneously grounds and uplifts his listeners. Now with almost 100 million listeners across his online platforms, Alex has released over 40 adoringly received podcasts, gaining a rapidly increasing international fan base who eagerly anticipates the next “Deep & Sexy” musical journey from Alex Cruz.

After founding “Deep & Sexy”, Alex is truly feeling the love from his supporters as evidenced by the amazing opportunities the last few years have provided him. A few highlights include playing four times for Sir Richard Branson on his private Necker Island; being the only DJ selected to play at the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro; and playing for thousands of people across the world, playing on 6 continents yearly from Berlin to Amsterdam, Cape Town to Melbourne, and Colombia to New York. You will find Alex more on a plane than on his own bike.

Alex is a resident DJ for Daybreaker, one of the fastest-growing dance movements on the planet, known for throwing morning parties internationally. In addition, Alex started throwing his own Deep & Sexy parties in 2016 in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In these high vibes, well-loved Deep & Sexy showcases, Alex brings on live acoustic instrumentalists to perform during his set, creating an exciting, collaborative musical experience that is indicative of his current production style.

In addition to his many international gigs, Alex is actively producing songs. His remix of Xavier Rudd’s “Follow The Sun”, released by Time / Universal Records in 2016, quickly reached the number 1 position on iTunes in countries such as The Netherlands and Australia. Aside from that his Sweet Child cover of the international number 1 hit by Guns ’n Roses from back in the 90’s reached the Spotify Top50 in almost 30 countries worldwide.

Alex Cruz’s aim is to touch people’s hearts and bring depth, love, and joy through his music. When music that stems from a place of such humble, selfless authenticity is met with the skillful mind and touch of such a talented artist, the palpable results are undeniable, powerful, and universal.

Whether at a small private event or in front of thousands, those who have seen Alex in action can attest to the unparalleled atmosphere created at his gigs. Alex’s connected energy, bright eyes, and humble smile convey that he is not playing to his fans – but for them and with them. In this pure and playful spirit of community, listeners are taken on a heart-warming and enjoyable musical journey leaving them feeling deeper, smiling wider, and dancing harder.