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Katie Schuele Co-Founder of Boostr

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“I need to feel like I get to the end and did the most that I could do, or I’m not going to be satisfied. So I need to be great, whatever that’s going to be.” Katie Schuele, Co-Founder of Boostr, joins the Superpowers podcast to talk about her journey into entrepreneurship.

Her career started in sales at IBM, and Katie quickly realized it was not her passion and ended up transitioning to marketing to have more freedom and autonomy over her life with kids. She was later recruited by Yahoo as the Director of Sales Enablement and then Director of Business Strategy and Operations.

“Learning how to deliver difficult and disappointing messages and realizing that people actually don’t mind hearing bad news; they just don’t like silence. So facing up to, well, this is the facts. Here’s what we’re doing. Here’s why and how it will impact you and making that a habit. It seems so obvious, but man, try it; it’s not easy.”

After years of frustration trying to use CRM reports to uncover better sales practices and make accurate forecasts, Katie and her Co-Founder, Patrick O’Leary, decided there had to be a better way. So, they built their own company called Boostr. It was a huge leap for Katie to leave the securing of the corporate world, but she has never looked back.

Katie has always had a calm and steady manner through the ups and downs of being a startup founder. “I can’t tell you that there was a part that was harder, or easier, because there’s always challenges. They just change.” She looks at every challenge as an opportunity to do better for both clients and employees.

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Katie Schuele’s Bio

Did you know the ability to plan and keep cool while moving allowed early women to run down even the fastest, most vicious animal and then club it to death when it stopped to pant? Katie loves persistence hunting. Strategy, sweat, and execution. As a Sales Strategy and Ops leader at Yahoo and Time Inc., Katie tracked sales, operations, and exec behavior movements. She predicted that friendly, efficient systems are the true foundation of accurate forecasting. And when she saw weaknesses in the Media industry, she pounced and exploited them as a co-founder of Boostr, the first and only company to offer a full CRM and OMS solution for ad sales the people actually love using. Her determination is why the most forward-thinking publishers have unprecedented access to the data they need to make their most informed decisions. Katie has cheetah for lunch every Tuesday, and she wants to share some of her recipes. She currently runs both Product and Customer Success for Boostr.