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Adam Singolda Interview on Superpowers Podcast with Chris Cunningham

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Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola, has always been obsessed with learning. “I was constantly pitching my parents and my parents’ friends for ideas that I had. I always wanted to do things.”

Living in a small town south of Tel Aviv, Adam knew he wanted to build things from an early age. His mom bought him a cellular modem to develop apps and software on his home computer. He was always trying to do new and exciting things. When Adam joined the army, it opened his eyes to the world of possibilities that lay ahead. Seven years later, he returned home and came up with the idea of Taboola. He had the vision to help people discover things they may like but never knew existed—a search engine, but in reverse.

Adam has worked tirelessly for the last 14 years to grow Taboola into a great company that just went public. Throughout his journey as a Founder and executive, he has always stayed true to his love of learning (philomath). “What I see at Taboola, which I want to prove to the world, is that when you have a diverse company, you have better conversations. You have better collaborations, and you’ll learn faster. And learning faster equals better execution.”

Adam shares the biggest mistakes he made, why he decided to move to America, and what he thinks every new entrepreneur should think do to be successful. “Prepare to do something for a very long time because it takes a longer time to build a company these days than it did 15 years ago.”

No matter his level of success, Adam has always stayed humble and grateful to the people who have helped him.

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Adam Singolda’s Bio

Adam Singolda is the founder and CEO at Taboola, a technology company that powers recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like.

Taboola serves personalized content recommendations, partnering with the world’s top publishers, brands, and marketers to drive audience development, engagement, and monetization. Taboola also empowers editorial, product, and sales teams with solutions built around real-time page optimization, robust native advertising offerings, and more.

Adam has spoken on stage at TEDx, Collision, Kaltura Connect, Business Insider’s IGNITION, ClickZ LIVE, Advertising Week, 360i Marketing Summit, Web Summit, Landmark Ventures Media Technology Summit, Streaming Media, NAB, NewTeeVee, ELEVATE, Meetup, and MIT (Sloan). He has also appeared in broadcast TV interviews on Bloomberg West, CNBC, and Fox Business.