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Brian Morrissey Interview on Superpowers Podcast with Chris Cunningham

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“There is this [media] shift from institutions to individuals. People have more connections with other people rather than abstract concepts. And I think that’s the promise of the “Creator Economy.” Brian Morrissey is well known for his tenure with Digiday, building the company from the ground up. He has spent the last two decades deeply entrenched in the push for more sustainable media businesses constructed with a focus on building community and lasting success.

“It’s about not chasing the latest thing, but having a solid foundation with a direct connection with your audience and having a real audience. Not one that you rent from Facebook or Google and having a solid business model behind it.”

This is what pushed him to start The Rebooting. He is going old school, back to the newsletter days to bring informative, analytical content about building and growing sustainable media businesses. “Why are newsletters hot again? Why are podcasts hot? Mostly because it’s a direct relationship with an individual more than an institutional brand.”

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Brian Morrissey’s Bio

Brian Morrissey is the Founder of The Rebooting; a weekly newsletter focused on the methods of building sustainable media businesses. Until October 2020, he was the President and Editor-In-Chief of Digiday Media. This vertical media company has titles covering media and marketing (Digiday), fashion and beauty (Glossy), and retail (Modern Retail). At Digiday, he was responsible for all editorial across the brands, memberships, product, events programming, and design. Before joining Digiday in 2011, he was the Digital Editor at Adweek for six years. He’s spent two decades in digital media.