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Nathalie Walton Interviewed on the Superpowers Podcast

Nathalie Walton


“I’ve been very safe, my whole career, and I was at a place where I could afford to take a risk. And so I thought, yeah, I can take this risk.”

Get Back Up & Persevere

Nathalie Walton’s resume is what most people dream of – JP Morgan, eBay, Google, and Airbnb. She had relentlessly pursued every career move with the constant push to keep trying. “I am a black woman, and I think people often underestimate me. That’s something I’ve had in my career.”

Nathalie re-applied to Google four times before she got accepted. “I didn’t give up; I didn’t say, oh, I’m a terrible person because I didn’t get into Google. I just said, okay, I didn’t get in. So I’m going to try again.”

During her stint at Airbnb, Nathalie got some advice that changed her whole trajectory. “I never had a conversation with a venture capitalist before, and I’m like, oh my God, the doors that I’m opening and the conversations I’m having are incredible.” She realized that an opportunity of running Expectful was something she couldn’t give up for the comforts of a corporate job.

Before working with Expectful, Nathalie had also used the app during her tumultuous pregnancy and knew first-hand the work that she would do with the company would help millions of women just like her.

“If you’re not talking to your customers, shame on you. You have to do that to build an awesome product.”


You can learn more about Expectful on the website or Instagram.

Connect with Chris on Linkedin.


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