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In The Trenches

INSURANCE Tech Innovation

A new series from Matt Olivo and  Chris Cunningham.
Ian white and Rashid Galadanci interview on Superpowers Podcast

“The commercial trucking insurance space was one of the most broken, if not the most broken old economy sectors we’ve seen.” Matt Olivio.

Today, in the trenches, we invited Ian White, Co-Founder of Koffie Labs, and Rashid Galadanci, Founder of Driver Technologies, to talk about what they are seeing in the insurance tech sector.

“Somebody first identified trucking insurance to me as Satan’s pit of insurance, but I love it.” Ian jokes about his love of commercial trucking insurance and knows that the industry has lost money for the last ten years. “Bringing in new tech folks and underwriters who are experienced but not jaded is a really exciting way to turn it around.”

Rashid bought the dream of autonomous cars and trucks. “I drank the Kool-Aid. I saw the dream about the future, painted for us by our dear friend Yuan at Tesla. Then I realized that this was not something that only the bottom of the pyramid doesn’t have access to. Actually, 95% of the pyramid won’t have access to these types of tools.”

Ian and Rashid talk about the challenges, and progress that is happening in their respective parts of the insurance tech industry and share the growth and innovation happening to help protect drivers and truckers in the future.

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