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In The Trenches

Where Old-School Retail And New Tech Intersect

A new series from Matt Olivo and  Chris Cunningham.
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“Once the Boomers started using Instacart, we all knew it was over.” Ben Cantey, Founder, and CEO of

In The Trenches, this week, we have Ben Cantey, Founder and CEO of, and Nick McHenry, Co-Founder and CEO of OneShop.

They are taking the old-school, out-of-date economies and turning them on their heads with new retail tech. “Mobile app engagement is a huge thing. Just as important as local brick-and-mortar store engagement is. So getting people in the store and then giving them this mobile app experience that they come back to is so important.”

OneShop is a software platform that works with omnichannel retailers, primarily focusing on the brick-and-mortar side, helping stores engage their clientele with personalized communication and product recommendations through automated communications. So when you shop in-store, or if you shop online, you get relevant updates from new deliveries you shop.

“The way we approach retailers is from the data analytics side and think about how we can introduce new, innovative technology and data they understand even though we’re taking a brand new approach, they’ve never seen before.

Rumby is a Shopify-like platform taking dry cleaners and laundromats online. So their customers can place orders and manage orders all online. And we fulfill those orders via our logistics partners, door dash and Uber. So you can get your laundry and dry cleaning, all done from the comfort of your home. 

“With the launch of our mobile API, we’re working with retailers to create laundry experiences in their strong mobile apps. A retailer could build out a laundry experience in their mobile app, use our API, and then access over 1,200 cleaners across the US and provide that experience to their customers.”

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