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In The Trenches


A new series from Matt Olivo and  Chris Cunningham.
in the trenches with Jamie McGurk from BAM Elevate


Chris and Matt invited Jamie McGurk, General Partner at BAM Elevate, to share his expertise on the state of today’s market. Jamie currently oversees the private investment division of Balyasny Asset Management L.P. 

“We focus on private markets, starting beyond the venture stage… think of us as early growth investors.”

Jamie discusses his broad view of the market today and where he has seen the biggest changes.

“In 2021, top-performing private companies that exited had really strong balance sheets. But many had operational expense plans that were wound up to match that. Now, some of that “unwind” will happen, but not for all of them.”

He talks about how the private growth funds have slowed down in competition and how that has impacted deal velocity over valuations (so far, anyway).

Jamie also covers valuation compression and what he sees happening across the board.

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In The Trenches: Where Old-School Retail And New Tech Intersect

In The Trenches with Chris Cunningham and Matt Olivo from C2 Ventures, an early-stage investment firm. In this episode, Chris and Matt are talking with Ben Cantey ( and Nick McHenry (OneShop) Founders about innovating in the old-school brick-and-mortar retail industry.

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