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Nick Jordan – Find the Winners

On Episode six of Superpowers, Bill and Chris dive into data markets with an entrepreneur who traversed the competitive landscape of computer science during the Dot-com bubble: Nick Jordan, now the founder and CEO of Narrative…

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Felicity Conrad – Social Equilibrium

On episode five of the Superpowers podcast, Bill and Chris look to uncover Felicity Conrad’s superpower, and how she’s used it to redefine the meaning of pro bono legal counsel. As the CEO of Paladin, Felicity is blazing the trail for the emerging justice technology industry…

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Max Snow – Be the Product

On the fourth episode of the Superpowers podcast, Bill and Chris sit down with Max Snow, the 23-year-old CEO of Yobi Ventures, a data analytics firm that helps “everything that isn’t Amazon” compete by combining all sources of user data under one roof…

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Josh McFarland – Product Discipline

In episode three of Superpowers, Bill and Chris share the mic with a Silicon Valley veteran turned venture capitalist. From founding startups to holding leadership positions at giants like Google and Twitter, Josh McFarland has navigated the full gamut of the tech sector’s fast-paced product development ecosystem…

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Susan Ho – Modest Determination

On the second episode of Superpowers, Bill and Chris set out to explore what superpowers propel an entrepreneur to success at a young age. Enter Journy Co-Founder and CEO Susan Ho, whose modest determination has grounded her with a sense of humility as she navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship…

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The Foodie Magician

When Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise and C2Ventures CEO Chris Cunningham set out to unmask the talents of leading entrepreneurs, innovators and entertainers, they knew their first guest would have to bring something special to the studio. Enter Josh Beckerman, AKA “The Foodie Magician”…

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